PRT Mapping Project Twin Cities Minnesota

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Welcome to the Twin Cities CPRT Mapping Project

Based on rising mass transit needs here in the St. Paul Minneapolis Twin Cities Minnesota area, we are creating maps that show how PRT would array our urban city landscape. The maps help us see how PRT can be effective from neighborhood to neighborhood by collectively discussing and determining ideal PRT routes that minimize impact on our neighborhoods while dramatically improving point to point access at substantially lower costs and implementation time than other mass transit solutions.

This video describes one form of PRT that looks promising. We encourage more of you to send your proposals, designs, and ideas regarding transportation hybrid solutions that can work for a 21st century urban landscape and economy. 

PRT Neighborhood Maps To Date

The first maps have been created for the area from Ford Plant development in Highland Park of St. Paul, across the bridge along 46th, then out to the airport, and along Hiawatha into Minneapolis. We have also mapped out a PRT routing scenario that covers the entire Highland Park region. Many of these routes have the PRT rail running down alleys, so they are unobtrusive and allow for quick access from most any point in Highland, thereby increasing mobility and raising the potential for people to use public transit at a much higher rate, which reduces traffic on the road, and stress for those who use the system. Note PRT is ‘integrated’ along ‘with’ the existing bus and light rail lines, thereby enhancing the Metro Transit solution, not replacing it.

  • PRT St Paul 7th Street Medium

    PRT St Paul 7th Street Medium

  • PRT St Paul 7th Street Wide

    PRT St Paul 7th Street Wide

  • PRT St Paul-7th Street Close

    PRT St Paul-7th Street Close

Get A Map Made For Your Neighborhood!

Would you like to see how PRT would look like in your neighborhood. Where would it be routed? Down a main road? Or maybe down a discrete alley ways?

We invite you to request a map for your area to use during your next transportation meeting. Use the maps to integrate PRT with existing mass transit solutions, such as rail, or even Uber. Consider how PRT will affect your landscape and city pocketbooks vs other solutions being proposed. 

PRT Route 1 - Hiawatha Highland Neighborhoods

PRT Route 1 - Hiawatha Highland Neighborhoods

This proposed route supports the Hiawatha rail line, running from downtown Minneapolis to the Metro airport. It also ties to a neighborhood system installed in the St. Paul Highland Park community. All of which can be developed for a fraction other mass transit costs, installation headache, and implementation time.

Send Us Your PRT Mapping Requests

Invite us to your next community meeting and we’ll walk you through your neighborhood’s PRT map. We are