PRT NOW! – Twin Cities Petition

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TAKE ACTION ! Click Here Now to Read the PRT Petition and Sign It

TAKE ACTION ! Click Here Now to Read the PRT Petition and Sign It

Why Sign This PRT Petition? 

Are you looking ahead a couple years to what traffic will be like for you to get to work? How about just looking as far as tomorrow morning? Are you open to doing what it takes to change the traffic nightmare? The one that is wasting your life away hour after hour, just sitting in your car? 


Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) solves a majority of transportation requirements for people across all levels of economic status.

A change in economic means changes how we transport ourselves and goods. Especially within urban settings. Public transit has never been a sustaining investment. Often it’s torn large amounts of money in our desire from taxpayers. As it becomes more and more expensive to construct and operate present mass transit lines, it’s time for us to concede that older methods of getting people and things around longer serve us. Independence is tied to a person being able to get from one place to another without relying on group or others -driven design. The automobile, which is a symbol of independence and this individuality , now needs solutions that are integrative tp improve its dream of personal mobility. This implies that light rail and buses no longer compete with society’s changing needs for increased levels of personal mobility. This means it’s time our collective thinking and behavior to move out of the dark ages regarding transportation and into the future of independence self-reliance. That future is now with PRT (Personal Rapid-Transit) technology leading the way to more efficient and cost effective solutions for moving both people and goods. Join those of us who recognize PRT as a way to meet the needs of today for independent mobility. Help Twin Cities Minnesotans, who are deep supporters of disruptive innovation, to become exemplars of point to point transportation might be improved in method and cost.